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The day trading strategy
that I have been using since early 2012

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By using my dax DAY
trading system
you will master:

  • How to read DAX price action on the lower timeframes (as low as 1 minute charts)

  • How to find profitable trading setups on the German stock market (DAX)

  • How to trade those trading setups exactly like I do

  • How to manage your risk properly (sometimes up to more than 1:10 risk:reward ratios)

  • How to spot where the big buy & sell orders are and take advantage of market turning points

You will also be provided with on-going mentoring until you understand the ins and outs of the trading strategy. I have never left a student out!

Trade Setups and Trading Ideas

See the way I trade! I will share my trading setups and ideas on a weekly basis. I will explain why I have taken those trades with my #slack community.

24/5 trading community that will help you find your way around trading with this DAX trading strategy.

Interact with me. Let us help you along the way by post-trading analysis and sharing trading ideas.

This is literally the best way to learn how to day trade the DAX.

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Sample videos from the dax day trading course:

Profitable Stories
From our students:

I have been trading with other day trading strategies, but the results I have achieved so far with this one are far superior than others. I am not after huge money returns, but great risk:reward ratios instead. I have taken two of Colibri Trader’s courses and am definitely happy with all of them. This day trading strategy adds great diversification towards my overall trading results.


Thanks for the inspirational trading content Colibri! This course did definitely made a difference and I can finally say I have reached consistency in trading. Initially I found the content a bit hard to follow since I was just starting out in trading, but your constant support did help me out a great deal!


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How much support will I receive during the trading course?

As much as you need! I have never left anyone out and if there is one thing I pride myself with that is my unstoppable desire to help other traders.

Is the course for beginner or advanced traders?

It is better suited for the advanced trader. I am not spending a lot of time explaining the basics, although I do cover some of them. I use a lot of trading examples and the course will suit someone who has previous knowledge and is looking for a day trading approach to trade the DAX. In case you want a course that is targeting beginner to intermediate traders, you can check out my price action method or my supply and demand course.

Do I need any experience at all?

All you need is the desire to learn! I will provide you with the rest step-by-step. If you are just starting your trading journey it might be a better idea to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of price action trading. Therefore, you might consider first taking my Price Action Method.

Are there any other costs- hidden or recurring?

NONE! There are absolutely no extra costs or recurring charges involved.

How much time I need?

Although I would like to have a direct answer to this question, I don’t. It is different from Student A to Student B. It also depends on how much time you are willing to put into studying the system and practicing on a Demo account. The good news is that once you learn my strategy, it will almost become a second nature to you. Day trading DAX will require more screen time than a long-term trading system. This is probably the hardest and most time consuming way from all of my courses, but it could also be the most rewarding.

What makes your trading course different than other trading courses?

If I were to put two things down, that would be: 1) first my dedication to my students and 2) the personal experience you will receive first hand from a trader who has over a decade long experience and has traded for two of the leading prop trading houses in London.

Can I use this day trading strategy on other instruments than DAX?

I have only traded with this day trading strategy on DAX. If you want to test the strategy on other instruments, it is totally up to you. I have not tested it on other trading instruments so far, so don’t know what the trading results will be like.

Learn How To
Profit With My DAX DAY Trading Strategy

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